Biography of Kundan Singh

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Kundan Singh received his PhD from Columbia University with focus on Internet telephony and has worked at Motorola, Bell Labs, Adobe, Tokbox, 6Connex, Twilio, Emergent and Avaya on a variety of Internet communication systems using SIP, web and cloud platform. Dr. Singh is an active open source contributor with several projects in peer-to-peer Internet telephony, Flash based audio and video communication, and voice and video using web based real-time communications.

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Kundan Singh is a VoIP researcher and software professional. He received his undergraduate degree in computer science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India, and his MS and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from Columbia University, New York. He has worked at Motorola, Lucent Bell Labs, Adobe Systems, Tokbox Inc., 6Connex Inc., Twilio Inc., Emergent Communications, and Avaya Labs.

His research interest includes Internet telephony, web multimedia communication, peer-to-peer systems, and scalable and reliable Internet services. He has published over twenty refereed papers in Internet telephony and web communications, holds three patents, and written many software applications such as SIP-H.323 signaling gateway, unified messaging system using SIP and RTSP, multi-platform SIP-based conferencing server, VoiceXML based IVR platform, P2P-SIP system, SIP stack and distributed hash table for Flash Player applications, web-based video conferencing system, scalable SIP-RTMP translation for web-to-phone calls and distributed conferencing, next generation E911 system using web technologies, pure HTML5 video communicator and instant messenger, and several WebRTC based proof-of-concept applications and systems.


Kundan likes to focus on important research problems in Internet and web communication systems. He believes that software programming is an art, open source will rule the world and Python is the best. Often called the one-man-army, he strives to write code at the speed of light.