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I am software professional and researcher. I completed my PhD from Columbia University in the computer science department under the guidance of Prof. Henning Schulzrinne with thesis title reliable, scalable and interoperable Internet telephony. Since then I have worked at Adobe, Tokbox, 6Connex, Twilio, Emergent and Avaya on a variety of Internet communication systems such as SIP/VoIP with Flash Player, web-based video conferencing, cloud telephony, enterprise video communication, and P2P-SIP.

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More About Me

In the past I have done research in the field of IP telephony. I started with SIP-H.323 signaling translation during my masters, continued on unified messaing and conferencing issues, and finally looked at various performance and scalability issues for large scale IP telephony systems and peer-to-peer Internet telephony for my PhD thesis. IP telephony started with transfer of telephony calls over Internet. Beyond cost savings, there are many other benefits of IP telephony, e.g., integration with web and email, programming how to route your calls, integrating video and web-based interactive voice response systems. I have also looked into providing a multimedia collaboration environment that allows synchronous and asynchronous communications among various collaborators, e.g., students and instructor in a class or people in a study group. More recently I am looking at scalable and robust video communication on the Internet.

You can browse through various papers I have published, various talks I have given, and p2p-sip blog articles I have written to know more about my current and past research work. I do systems research. Which means I get to implement the new ideas in the form of open source software, columbia software or mentoring student projects.

I have worked in industry to further enhance my IP telephony and video conferencing expertise. At Adobe I implemented prototype SIP and P2P-SIP systems to assist Flash Player and at TokBox I implemented web-based video telephony using Flash. I have been doing a few fun projects in Flash and Python as well in my 39 Peers P2P-SIP, the Internet videocity, and Flash-VideoIOprojects. To know more about my past and current projects please view my resume.